Sifu Derek Fung

Sifu Derek Fung is a Wing Chun master and a disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Yip Man, and a senior training brother of the late international martial arts star Bruce Lee. Born in 1939 in Guangdong Province in China, he settled in Hong Kong in 1945. In 1954 at age 14, he was introduced by […]

Who says Wing Chun has no kicking?

A well known phrase in Chinese martial arts is 南拳北腿 (naam4 kyun4 baak1 teoi2). Commonly translated as ‘Southern fists, Northern kicks’, it implies a clear division between Southern and Northern styles of Chinese martial arts. Southern styles are typically known for having stable low stances and powerful fist techniques, while Northern styles are renowned for […]


Derek Fung Wing Chun
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