Wing Chun Stance & Tan Sau

Download | Wing Chun Stance & Tan Sau 36kb Standing up straight, place your two feet shoulder width apart. Form an equilateral triangle with your feet by pointing your toes inwards and your heels outwards. Focus your feet forwards to the apex of your equilateral triangle by bending your ankle joint. It is important to […]

中心力 (Centre Force)

咏春拳手法丰富,打法精湛,朴实无华的拳法里蕴藏着深奥的拳理。学咏春如学做人,一切要兢兢业业从根本做起。要想练就精湛的拳技,就要从基 本做起, 认真按照师父的指导做好每一个动作。基本中的基本就是马步,就像是参天大树的根,所谓“根深则叶茂”,咏春技法的发挥很大程度上依赖于二字钳羊马的功力和 稳固。 Wing Chun is famous for its techniques and fighting methodology. The secrets are planted into the most concise forms. Learning Wing Chun is like observing our own lives, which you have to pay attention to the daily basis with a lot of efforts. If you want to be outstanding in Wing […]

What is Inertia Energy (惯性力)?

Imagine a person standing on a bus that is traveling at a constant speed of 2kmph. After ten hours, the bus runs out of petrol and comes to a stop. Due to the inertia, the person inevitably takes two or three steps forward. To generate Inertia Energy (惯性力), you must create this yourself. Some have […]


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