Chum Kiu Video (尋橋)

Wing Chun Stance & Tan Sau

Download | Wing Chun Stance & Tan Sau 36kb Standing up straight, place your two feet shoulder width apart. Form an equilateral triangle with your feet by pointing your toes inwards and your heels outwards. Focus your feet forwards to the apex of your equilateral triangle by bending your ankle joint. It is important to […]

Siu Nim Tao Video 小念頭

Siu Nim Tao – “Some food for thought”

Siu Nim Tao is the first form in Wing Chun which includes 108 movements. All the hands of Wing Chun are incorporated within this form. Siu Nim Tao is possibly one of the most underrated, misinterpreted and least understood martial art forms in existence. One of the secrets and least regarded aspects of Wing Chun […]

Siu Nim Tao Stance (二字鉗陽馬)

To create the Siu Nim Tao Stance (二字鉗陽馬) you should do the following. Feet facing inward. Feet a comfortable width apart (shoulder width). Knees loose. You must find your axle in your torso to build up your Inertia Energy. 中心力等於力正心.


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