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Sifu Derek Fung

Sifu Derek Fung is a Wing Chun master and a disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Yip Man, and a senior training brother of the late international martial arts star Bruce Lee. Born in 1939 in Guangdong Province in China, he settled in Hong Kong in 1945. In 1954 at age 14, he was introduced by […]


詠春拳葉問宗師嫡傳弟子及國際功夫巨星李小龍師兄—溤平波大師 馮平波大師1939年出生於中國廣東省。1945年到香港定居。1954年,14歲時由親戚介紹跟從葉問宗師,為葉問宗師第一代詠春傳人。 馮大師自幼醉心於詠春拳,潜心研習葉問詠春拳,在同一代大師中有着「閃電手」的稱號。 1958年,馮大師赴澳留學,在澳洲生活至今一直拳法不離手。經過六十多年的鑽研及實踐,功力已非常深厚,對詠春拳有非常深切的領會。 詠春拳是中國南方著名拳種之一,距今已有二百多年歷史。詠春是一套以柔制剛的武術,早已聞名於世界各地,所以,有「北有太極;南有詠春」之稱。詠春拳主要 為:內修功力,外練筯骨,適合防身自衛,強身健體。同時,詠春拳會因長期練習,自身功力會越來越深厚。而且,不論男女老幼也適合練習詠春。 馮大師現已在18 Mary Street Surry Hills (洪門致公總堂)設館收徒,旨在將詠春拳發揚光大。

Thank you for being a part of our grand opening!

Photography by Manatu Delgado of EyeLovePhotography — at Derek Fung Wing Chun in Sydney – 馮平波詠春拳澳洲悉尼.

A new school, a new beginning.

Hey friends and family, for months we have been planning and working towards opening a full time purpose built school! Thanks to Sifu, Mike and Nick – and everyone who helped during the renovation. Your determination and hard work has made our dream of a new school come into reality. We’re very excited to see […]


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