Chum Kiu

Note: The below are general concepts of Chum Kiu and is not a means to teach or a complete guide.

Chum Kiu (尋橋)

  • To generate Potential Energy by using Inertia Energy and moving the Siu Lim Tao structure as one unit. This allows the practitioner to generate power while using their entire body mass.

Chum Kiu teaches you a continuation of the Siu Nim Tao:

  • learning to torque
  • moving your entire body mass forward in small steps
  • learn about counter lever
  • learn about Duk Laap Ma (獨立馬) – Single Leg Stance when stationary

You should practice Chun Kiu once daily along with Siu Nim Tao for at least 6 months before considering starting Bil Jee (鏢指), the third form.