Sifu Derek Fung


Sifu Derek Fung (馮平波師傅) is a Wing Chun Master and a direct student of the late Grandmaster Ip Man (葉問先生). He was born in 1939 Zhongshan (中山), China. He and his father moved to Hong Kong in 1945.

Beginning his Wing Chun journey in 1954 Hong Kong at age 15 with Mr Ip Man. He trained at Mr Ip Man’s school at least 1 hour after school during the week days, several hours on the weekends and all his school holidays (as most of his monthly pocket money went into paying his Wing Chun tuition fee) for the next 4 years. He quickly learnt to appreciate and absorb the art of Wing Chun and competed in numerous Gong Sau (講手) or Chit Chor (切磋) matches with fighters from other martial arts styles n Hong Kong.

He was nicknamed “lightning hands” (閃電手) by his Wing Chun brothers because of his incredible hand speed, footwork and Wing Chun stance.

At the time, his training Wing Chun brothers included the late Chu Shong Tin (徐尚田), the late Wong Shun Leung (黃淳樑), William Cheung Cheuk Hing (張卓慶), Gregory Choy Siu Kwong, Victor Kan Wah Chit (簡華捷) and Andrew Ma Hang Lum (馬亨霖) – all who are known throughout the world.

In 1958, at the age of 19 he moved to Sydney, Australia to start a new chapter of his life.

With over 60 years’ experience, Sifu Derek Fung has been teaching Wing Chun for over 25 years openly.  Currently he is teaching Wing Chun in Sydney.

He says: 

“The essence of Wing Chun is the ability to generate power, regardless of size and strength.
I have had the opportunity to refine my knowledge of Wing Chun through years of practice and build upon the real fighting experience I gained in my early years in Hong Kong.
Through this, I can take students at all levels of knowledge from complete novices at martial arts to students from all styles of martial arts, including Wing Chun to train in developing power that they can apply immediately and adapt to any situation.”

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